Tax Accounting vs Financial Accounting

Do you find it difficult to choose between financial accounting and tax accounting? Are you worried about how it will impact your business and taxes in the future? Since they both help you manage your money, are there any differences, and how do you decide which one to choose? 

When it comes to finding the right Melbourne accounting services, small business owners often face challenges. As the majority of them pick the wrong small business accountants and regret it later. Most of them are unaware of their financial challenges or some are just unsure which one to choose. 

In this article, we will discuss the differences between financial accounting and tax accounting. The two most common accounting services offered by accounting companies for small businesses in Melbourne. 

We will also discuss what impact choosing one over the other would have on your business. And how you can use these two methods to improve your company’s financial health. 

Let’s begin,

Tax AccountingFinancial Accounting
DefinitionTax accounting is an accounting method of tracking funds to determine taxable income, preparing returns, and considering tax consequences of a business.Financial accounting may involve processes of analysing, recording, summarising, and reporting different financial transactions of a business
PurposeFocused on preparing, filing, and managing taxes while complying with ATO regulations.To record and report a company’s financial transactions, financial performance, and cash flows.
RequirementMandatory for all types of businesses regardless of income or loss.Large corporations must follow financial accounting, small businesses can choose either of two.
FrequencyYearlyQuarterly, annual or per period
Business ImpactImproved accuracy of tax preparation and review of tax finances and annual returns.Reflect the current financial situation of a business to know where your business stands financially.
Cost of serviceDepend on the complexity of your business structure. Usually hiring a tax accountant for small business costs about $100-$400 per hour.Depend on the size of your business and how much work is required. Expect to pay about $60-$100 per hour in Victoria for a small a business accountant.

Let us dive in deeper to understand all that is different in tax and financial accounting business services. 

Tax accounting and Financial Accounting 

Tax accounting services Melbourne involves monitoring performance, compiling accurate records of revenue and expenses, and preparing accounts for taxes. Different from the financial accounting process, it is a separate process that involves applying technically correct tax rules to a company’s financial statements. It applies to everyone: individuals, businesses, corporations, and other entities seeking accounting business services. Such as Tax accountant services, tax minimisation advice, and Tax accounting Australia services.

Financial accounting is a method company’s finances and assets are recorded in its financial statements. It involves recording transactions related to sales (such as purchases), expenses (including costs of goods sold), and income including interest earned on investments, dividends received from stocks/shares held by customers, etc. Which are then added up across all periods when preparing financial reports, such as annual reports or quarterly earnings. To be used by stockholders, creditors, and other interested parties to make decisions about investing or lending. 

The impact of tax accounting and financial accounting business services over small businesses

Taxes may reduce profits, and profits are the primary source of financing for any small business. Tax accounting is helpful for you in taking your financial decisions. Its benefits apply to everyone, individuals, businesses, corporations, and other entities. It simplifies the filing of year-end tax returns for small businesses while avoiding non-compliance. 

On the other hand, financial accounting provides information about your company’s financial position, results of operations, and cash flows for external users, such as investors, creditors, etc., financial accounting services Australia can help small businesses in many ways to improve financial decisions based on an exact picture of company’s financial situation and accurate monthly or quarterly reports on transactions. 

Why is it important to hire a Tax accountant in Melbourne?

If you are a start-up or a small business owner. You may find it difficult to determine and pay taxes on time without a tax specialist Australia. Often when you try to manage everything on your own, the lack of resources makes it an almost impossible task. Besides managing due dates, they also work towards preparing tax deduction strategies to ensure that they pay the correct amount of tax on time and do not pay more than they should. 

A tax accountant in Melbourne can help you with:

  • Tax planning and minimization of your tax liability.
  • Compliance with tax regulations and obligations, including filing returns on time and avoiding penalties by keeping up-to-date records of sales and purchases, as well as cash flow statements.
  • Avoiding disputes over questionable expenses or deductions (such as interest paid on loans), which may lead to an audit if not handled properly.

Why is it important to have a financial accounting expert?

One of the best decisions a small business owner can make to secure the future of their company is to engage with a business-chartered accountant. Usually, accountants may simply keep your books so you can manage other financial tasks. When you hire a financial specialist, you will be able to access a wide range of services, which may be beneficial to your company eventually.  


When dealing with different situations, the methods of managing business finances may have different meanings. Regardless, choosing any of the accounting methods would affect your business. Small businesses that have just started can use either the financial accounting method or the tax accounting method, while large corporations must follow financial accounting. 

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