3 Ways to Motivate Workers

Our textbooks would always say that increased rewards, performance-based bonuses, and commissions genuinely motivate employees at work. However, as the world changes and economies foster, such tactics won’t be enough to keep them. In fact, some tests have shown that the usual ways we have been using aren’t always effective.

The question is, how can we authentically keep our workers motivated?

1. Share positive feedback

Rewards and recognition that are based on achievements usually increase sales or close big accounts but employees who do the bigger share of work doesn’t even gain attention on a single spreadsheet. Who would want to work when you feel undervalued? This, for example can be answered through feedback.

To enhance the company’s reputation even if they don’t instantly influence the profits, you could go an extra mile for your clients or show compassion when you deal with a frustrated customer. As an effect, this could create a process through which your clients give you positive feedbacks. And with just simply sharing their comments to your workers that they made someone’s day even it wasn’t connected to their job, this can increase your employees’ morale, hence make them more motivated towards work. This is one silent hack that reaches your employees and tell them you and your customers appreciate their efforts.

2. Focus on individuals

Like a team, your employees are its members. Each team member contributes in a way that is unique, and based on their individual goals, skills, and habits. When you motivate your team as a whole that everyone in it feels aligned with the strategies and goals you implement, you have to make sure that each of them must also feel valued because of their contributions. Hence, they could benefit from the work the team does.

Have a discussion with the team members and have them express what they do and don’t like, their goals and how they think they could contribute best in reaching the team’s objectives. Some questions to remember are: Do they want to improve their set or try a new role? Do they want a mentor on their team who can help them with professional development? One-on-one check-ins could also help you in focusing on their individual skill sets, their thoughts and ideas. After all, they are hired for a reason.

3. Ask your employees what they want

Business owners frequently develop rewards and recognition programs based either on what they want or by following what other companies do. Rewards are often tied to promotions or financial incentives. These are nice to offer, but they may not appeal to all your employees. Not everyone wants increased work responsibility, for example.

There are employees who might prefer practicality or even a balanced work and personal life. These are the additional vacation days, enhanced benefits, free lunches, bonuses, or flex time at work that are not tied to their salary or job title. You can always talk to your employees and ask what motivates them the most. After identifying what brings them joy, you could always create rewards and boost their interests in doing what they’re supposed to do.

Final thoughts

Research proves that the old tactics we usually do may not be as effective as previously thought. There are other things that can show employees appreciation and make them feel valued on the work they do.

There is a saying that money buys everything – happiness even. Entrepreneurs often view financial rewards for achieving goals as the main way to motivate them. However, this isn’t always the case. Some people still prefer their mental and physical health. Some still want to feel valued and be well taken care of by their employers especially on their tough days. In those moments, you could show your colleague compassion, offer them support. In return, they’ll genuinely put out their time, skills, and ideas to help the company progress even if their efforts are beyond job descriptions.

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