How does the Litigation Support Process Work?

How does the litigation support process work?

Regardless of size, when a commercial litigation or dispute arises, our forensic accounting team are the first to help.

Whether you are a company, not for profit organisation or an individual needing support in litigation, Mizael Partners have the experience, resources and expertise to assist you throughout the entire process.

What is litigation support?

Litigation support refers to the process of seeking assistance in the discovery process of a pending litigation case. During cases such as these, a forensic accountant is likely to be required for the purpose of analysing relevant documents.

Forensic accountants can also assist in financial investigations and provide direction to a credible analysis that can be used in court.

How does it work?

With a range of litigation support experience, our forensic accounting team are capable of applying value to your case.

With the ability to effectively distil complex information and create concise evaluations within the time frame, our team can help you understand the matter at hand.

Litigation support involves a range of services that can be of use, including the following:

  • Trial assistance for court – Litigation support involves the use of trial boards, legal photography and other means to improve the presentation of your case for court. A forensic accountant also partakes in detailed analysis of financial data to establish credible evidence that will hold up in court.
  • Access to a range of resources– A variety of specialised programmes are designed to be used during the litigation support process. Electronic databases as well as other software and hardware can help boost research, analysis, data processing and data management. Having access to these resources can create time efficiency and add value to your case.
  • General consulting– Litigation support specialists can assist with general consulting in the discovery phase or any section of litigation, with the ability to analyse and give input to any relevant documentations.

Benefits of litigation support

Litigation support comes with a range of benefits that can provide great advantage and assistance when solving a dispute.

  • Wide range of coverage– It covers disputes from a range of adverse situations including fraud, wrongful competition, breach of contract and intellectual property infringement.
  • Complex tasks made easy– Calculating economic losses and investigating financial information is a time consuming and difficult task. In depth analysis of financial data is usually in the form of large quantities, with thousands of documents and computerised data to analyse. Forensic accountants are specialised in this role and are proficient at interpreting complex information.
  • Assistance from start to finish– Having litigation support from the beginning of your dispute is of critical importance and can create considerable advantage to your case. Forensic accountants can assist in the discovery process early on and are able to provide crucial support from the initial analysis of your case. This is done by creating primary questions in relation to financial evidence they find in the beginning.

Why choose Mizael Partners?

At Mizael Partners we value our customers and will guarantee support, quality and precision in our services. With over 10 years of experience in litigation support, our team provides accurate, concise and efficient means of data analysis.

Our litigation support services are capable of giving expert support and advice for your case, and can assist with a range of legal disputes and issues. At Mizael Partners, our team will work closely with you to create the best possible outcome for your case. For more information, visit our website today.

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